provider-markumShelby Markum is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, licensed in both Kansas and Missouri. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from The University of Missouri as well as a minor in Family Studies.  She then attended the University of Kansas and completed the Masters of Social Work program. Shelby received extensive post graduate training in Object Relations Theory in Family Therapy. Shelby received 3 years of multi-disciplinary training through clinical supervision from psychologists and other mental health professionals through the Veterans Hospital in Kansas City. She also received training in the rehabilitation of adolescent sex offenders through the State of Missouri, Division of Youth Services.

Shelby has facilitated anger management groups with court mandated clients as well as groups for domestic violence offenders. She worked with Catholic Community Services under the supervision of Mary Vorsten where she worked with chronically mentally ill patients.

Shelby’s background includes more than 10 years of work with adolescent juvenile offenders and their families. She then changed her treatment focus to the intensive clinical treatment of acute psychiatry patients in a hospital setting. She worked on the in-patient units of the children’s unit, the adult dual diagnosis unit, and the Trauma-based Disorders based units. She served as Director of Outpatient Services and redesigned the Partial Hospital Program and the Intensive Outpatient Programs at Two Rivers Behavioral Health System to better streamline services to ensure continuity of care. 

Shelby utilizes a variety of treatment approaches depending upon the needs of the client. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Object Relations Theory are a common theme throughout the treatment approaches. Shelby identifies the strengths of her clients and challenges the resiliency skills each client has developed to create opportunities for positive change.

Shelby specializes in treating a variety of clinical issues including anxiety disorders, depression, grief and loss, and relational conflict. She works closely with the therapeutic team at Comprehensive Psychiatric Associates and makes referrals to other members of the treatment team as needed.

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